Refurbished Desktop Computers

May 8th, 2007 | Desktops

Refurbished desktop computers offer a good choice if you want to get a pre-assembled desktop computer, but really don’t need the latest technology at all.

In a nutshell, refurbished desktop computers are computers that have been used before, either they were returned, or they have gone off-lease and also returned, or are simply old stock. They are all tested, not extensively, but they work. You would generally get an operating system like Windows with it, but you will have to check first. If it doesn’t have one you’ll have to buy one.

This refurbished HP gives you an internet capable computer for under $200

If your computer needs are limited to…

  • surfing the net,
  • checking your email,
  • typing documents,
  • listening to some mp3s,
  • chatting to friends online,
  • and using office related software…

then you should be fine with almost any computer, and the cheap deals on these refurbished computers should will suit your needs. As most parts in a computer can be upgraded, or replaced if they break, previous wear and tear should not be a huge issue, however, I will suggest which parts need to or should be attended to.

Here’s what you should expect at the very minimum.

For the processor, get an Intel Pentium 4, Pentium Dual Core, or Core 2 Duo. If you want AMD, an “Athlon 64″ or “Athlon 64 X2″ (dual-core). The newer, and the higher the GHz rating, the faster they will be, but they will all be fine for the above tasks.

RAM should be at least 256MB. This will be only just enough to run Windows, but will run Linux fine. If you want to run Windows I would highly recommend upgrading to 512MB if possible.

An HP refurbished desktop for $240 that just needs an OS

Hard drives wear out pretty quickly. They are one of the few mechanical parts left in a computer. They also hold your data. Replacing the hard drive would be an idea, but at the very least take some precautions, like backing up your data, to prevent losing any.

As with new computers, every accessory included, is one you don’t have to buy later. Check for the following and take account of how much that part by itself will add to your purchase price.

  • USB ports, preferably USB 2.0 (faster)
  • Ethernet (Network) port
  • DVD or CD drive (I recommend DVD burners for making backups)
  • Audio card (or built-in)
  • Wireless networking capability

You will save yourself a heap of money getting a refurbished desktop computer. They also make ideal second computers.

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