Computer Components

August 14th, 2006 by Peter

Computer components are in hot demand. With more people doing their own computer upgrades, computer components are in abundance. For this article, computer components will refer to the main parts of the computer, that is to say the computer components that you would find inside the box of almost any desktop computer. There is a seperate page for computer accessories that outline extras that are quite often optional.

Computer monitor
One of the major computer components, sometimes referred to as the computer screen.

This is the big board inside the computer case. You can find out more about what this computer component does by browsing our motherboard articles.

Computer Case
This is the box that holds everything in. Although its very difficult to go wrong in a general sense, there are options that make a large difference to your system.

You use this to input information into the computer. Of all the computer components this might be the one used most often in everyday use.

DVD drive
For playing your favorite movies on your computer and for storing tons of information.

Graphics card
These are some of the most expensive computer components because of their complexity and massive number crunching power. The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) on many modern graphics or video cards are more powerful than some computer processors.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)
The computer’s brain and completely essential to the functioning of the computer.

Hard drives
Hard drives can often be the most frustrating of computer components. They store all your information and it is essential that they are reliable, as well as being fairly fast so you don’t have to wait forever for your programs to load.

That is a breakdown of some of the computer components that you would come across on a daily basis. The list of computer accessories is much longer as there are tons of other things that can be added onto the computer.

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