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Mid-range graphics cards - video card comparison of cards for multi purpose computers with a little gaming

For casual gamers a little more power is needed. These cards will not push the limits in terms of new games. They will, however, satisfy your need to do something more than work on your computer. These cards are a little more expensive, coming in at around a hundred bucks and going up from there. Have a look at the video card comparisson.

  • ATI PCIe - Radeon x600 and Radeon x700
  • ATI AGP - Radeon 9550 series, Radeon 9600 series and Radeon 9800 series
  • nVidia PCIe - GeForce FX 6200 and GeForce FX 6600
  • nVidia AGP - GeForce FX 6200 and GeForce FX 6600
  • S3 AGP - Deltachrome S8
  • XGI AGP - Volari V5, V8

High-end graphics cards - Hardcore gamers, game lovers and techies

And finally for the ultimate game experience, you need to venture into the money is no object category of cards. These cards are the cutting edge, offering the most performance and the latest developments

  • ATI PCIe - Radeon x800 and Radeon x850
  • ATI AGP - Radeon x800
  • nVidia PCIe - GeForce FX 6800
  • nVidia AGP - GeForce FX 6800

Video cards for specific purposes

For those who need specific performance these will provide a good starting point for the things you need. These cards are designed to excel at 2D applications, and as well as doing their designed task exceptionally well, they probably won’t be very well in a video card comparison with high-end card but will also provide a boost in general performance.

  • 3D Labs: Wildcat product line
  • ATI: FireGL product line
  • Matrox: Parhelia product line
  • nVidia: Quadro product line

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