Cheap Video Cards

The final decision

You should now be able to make an informed decision on how to get a cheap video cards, or if you even need to.

My personal preferance is to make sure that I get a motherboard with a decent, even if cheap video cards built in. They are more than enough for my purposes, and anough for more than 80% of computer buyers out there. The vast majority of 3D cards are designed with games in mind.

I don’t see the need to purchase an extremely expensive model when what comes with the motherboard will usually do. No, I won’t get high performance in games, but I don’t play them anyway. They do provide the resolution and quality I need for my day to day work.

If I was to purchase a 3D card for games I would go for a top end model, otherwise a cheap video cards. I see no point in hovering near the middle as games keep moving forward. Graphics cards move ahead very quickly in terms of their technology. The top models from nVidia and ATI are fantastic and the difference that is there wouldn’t be noticed by any but the most gaming enthused.

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