Reformat Hard Drive

November 1st, 2005 by Peter

To reformat hard drive is fairly simple, you just need to bear a few things in mind. I would use reformat to refer to formatting a drive that has had things, data, put on it. You would sometimes want to do this when everything starts to run a little slow. A reformat starts everything fresh.

You need make sure that when you reformat hard drive that you save all your important data. This is the process in Windows 2000.

First step is to save all the data and make sure that you have all the programs you use now ready to reinstall.

Make sure to backup all your personal information. This is the most important, as information that you have created cannot be recovered. I usually have a seperate directory for my files, but if you use Windows they are often in the “My Documents” folder. Copy these to a CD, DVD or elsewhere. Save your Internet browser shortcuts and bookmarks, as well as your email clients settings.

Next, make sure that you have all the disks you will need for the programs you want. If you are formatting a drive other than the drive with Windows or your operating system, skip this step.

If the program comes from a CD then make sure you have that CD on hand. If your Windows needs boot disks, make sure to create them before formatting.

reformat hard drive
Start >> Settings >> Control Panel >> Add/Remove Programs

Note the programs you see in there. Do you still need them all? Check you have disks or setup files for all of them.

reformat hard drive
You can see in Windows Explorer that I have seperate partitions for different things, which eases backup up my data.

Next, to back up your settings from Internet Explorer.

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