Reformat Hard Drive

November 1st, 2005 by Peter

If the drive has Windows on it then you will need to format at startup.

Insert the boot disk or bootable CD in the drive.

Restart the computer.

Follow the instructions on screen.

reformat hard drive
First screen

reformat hard drive
Insert the startup disks one by one. Windows XP only needs the startup disks if your computer cannot boot from CDROM.

reformat hard drive
Press “Enter” to continue.

reformat hard drive
You now get the choice to make a partition. A partition splits your physical hard drive into more than one drive. The computer will “see” each partition as a different drive. I like to do this to give my data it’s own drive for convenient backup. If you are unsure, just create one large one, the full size of the disk.

Next, is to choose the partition to install on and reformat it.

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