So what do I REALLY need?

Well, that’s up to you of course. But for me personally, my card has all the things I need built in. It has a graphics card (8MB), USB and a sound card, which is all the extras I need. Mine is 667MHz bus, but I forgot to buy a 333MHz processor, so the whole system runs down at the processor’s 266MHz. So watch out.

Make sure it has as much as you need for the moment, taking into account what you think you might need in the future for upgrades. Ask the following questions.

  • Correct socket type
  • Bus speed at or beyond processor requirements
  • On-board graphics - optional
  • Graphics slot - AGP, PCIe or at the least PCI
  • PCI slot for non-graphics expansion cards
  • USB ports
  • Network slots
  • On-board audio - optional
  • Firewire - optional

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